Milyen tipikus kérdéseket tehetnek fel a látogatók?

If your company is hosting some foreign visitors then you have the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge of the local area, and also to practice your English!

Here are some typical questions and answers:

  • Are there any good restaurants where I can try / sample the local food?
  • Yes, there is a good one near the town hall, and another one just round the corner from here on Main Street.

  • What local sites would you recommend that I go and see?
  • Well the standard places where all tourist go are …. But I suggest that you visit the museum of … and if you like food you could go to the market on Main Street.


  • Do you have any suggestions as to where I might buy a …?
  • You could try the department store which is on the main road that leads to the mosque.

Note the construction with suggest and recommend: to suggest / recommend that someone do something. If someone is critical of something (e.g. poor service in your country or company), and if you don’t want to enter into a long defense, you can simply say: Yes, I know what you mean. Or if you want to be more defensive you can say: Well, to be honest, I just think you have been unlucky.